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Vegas Plumbing Service, also known as LV Water Heaters, is the expert and leader when it comes to residential water heaters, water softeners and water filtration systems.


 Enhance Your Las Vegas Home with Water Filtration: Safeguarding Your Health and Well-being

In the arid desert climate of Las Vegas, where water scarcity is a constant concern, ensuring the purity and safety of your water supply is paramount. Unfiltered tap water can contain various impurities, including chlorine, fluoride, and harmful bacteria, which, if left unchecked, may find their way into your bloodstream. With the growing importance of maintaining good health, investing in water filtration for your Las Vegas home has become an essential necessity.

Fluoride, a common additive in municipal water supplies, is intended to promote dental health. However, excessive exposure to fluoride has been associated with potential health risks, especially for vulnerable individuals such as children and those with thyroid issues. By incorporating a fluoride chemical filtration upgrade into your home's water system, you can effectively reduce fluoride levels and safeguard your family's well-being.

Chlorine, commonly used as a disinfectant in water treatment plants, plays a vital role in eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses. However, the byproducts of chlorine disinfection, such as trihalomethanes (THMs), can pose health risks when consumed over time. A robust water filtration system equipped with activated carbon filters can effectively remove chlorine and its byproducts, ensuring that the water you consume is free from potential contaminants.

Beyond chemical filtration, the presence of bacteria in unfiltered water can pose a significant health risk. Utilizing antimicrobial technology in your water filtration system offers an additional layer of protection against harmful bacteria. These innovative filters are designed to effectively eliminate various pathogens, ensuring the water you consume is free from potentially dangerous microorganisms. By taking proactive measures to ensure the purity and safety of the water you consume, you are actively contributing to a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.

In Las Vegas, where the quality of tap water can vary, upgrading your home with a comprehensive water filtration system is a wise decision. By removing chlorine, regulating fluoride levels, and employing antimicrobial technology, you can enjoy clean, great-tasting water that nourishes your body and promotes your well-being. Don't compromise on the quality of your drinking water—make water filtration an essential part of your Las Vegas home today.

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Fast Reliable Service

We repair & install water heaters and water filtrations systems. Emergency services and weekends. We beat all competitors and offer free same-day estimates. Check out our selection of energy efficient heaters water softeners & filtration systems.


Find the right system for your home today!

Fast Reliable Service

Fast Reliable Service

Did you know you should have your water heater serviced once a year?  Having your water systems checked and serviced regularly can save you a lot of blood, sweat, tears and money later on!  If you suspect that your water heater is leaking or just it’s just that time of year again, give us a call.  We offer free inspections to determine whether your unit may need repair or replacement.  Quotes are always free!



We offer water heater installations for gas, electric and tankless along with a full line of water softener and water filtration products.

A majority of homes in Las Vegas are gas-powered.  We offer the biggest selection and best pricing on gas-powered water heaters.  The most common sizes are 40 gallon and 50 gallon.  We also have the expertise and tools to service, maintain and replace direct vent and power vent units.


If your home isn’t equipped with a gas water heater, we can service, repair, replace any electric unit with a full inventory in stock.  Electric water heaters use elements to heat the water and sometimes malfunction.  We offer free inspections to determine whether yours may need repair or replacement.


Don’t you hate it when you run out of hot water in the middle of a soothing shower?  Or how about having to wait endlessly for your shower to heat up at all?  Tankless water heaters provide instant and endless hot water supply for your home.  The good news for you is, most homes can be upgraded to a tankless system, easily and affordably.  
We offer instant financing for this solution.

Many homeowners don’t know that you should have your water heater flushed annually, as well as have your anode rod checked to help minimize the risk of tank corrosion and irreversible damage.  Regular maintenance is the key to ensure the longevity of your unit’s lifespan.  With Vegas Plumbing Service, inspections are always free, so you have nothing to lose by calling our experts today to schedule a consultation.

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